One thing I have always wanted to be able to do was to deploy web applications quickly, whether they are proofs of concept or simply pet projects, I wanted to be able to deploy them fast and update them quick. Well thanks to Amazon EC2 and NodeJS this is not only possible, it is actually very easy to do. In the following tutorial I will be showing you how to deploy your own front-end application in no time with some simple tips and a couple of very useful tools that surely you will continue using on everyday basis.

First to…

What is Jasmine?

Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. It does not depend on any other JavaScript frameworks. It does not require a DOM. And it has a clean, obvious syntax so that you can easily write tests.”

Jasmine website

Jasmine is a framework that combines TDD (test driven development) and DDD (domain driven design), meaning that it has the capabilities to help developers to create unit tests at the beginning of the development based on specification and contains tools to test Object Oriented abstractions like custom matchers and spies, it also contains features useful for other kind…

Cannot query field “Title” on type “strapiArticle” was the error that inspired me to write this article, first because it was a specific problem related to a specific technology and second because it was an error I couldn’t find anything about on Google.

GraphQL is an impressive technology that is solving a very specific problem, the problem of querying exactly what you need from an established REST API response and reduce it to basically a “Query Language”. This works perfectly when all the data that has been queried and all your fields are filled with non-empty data, if we have…

There are a lot of ways to move data from database to database using Amazon Redshift, but one of the most efficient ones is the use of COPY and UNLOAD commands, these commands allow you to move data between databases almost seamlessly. This tutorial will show you the steps to move tables from one Amazon Redshift schema to another.

1. Create a S3 folder to store the unloaded tables

To be able to use the UNLOAD and COPY commands effectively we need to make use of the Amazon S3 service, create a S3 folder and have an IAM role with permissions to access Amazon S3. …

PySpark has a lot of useful functions to transform and clean data, however its documentation contains very few examples of how these functions look like, this post would show their usage with some useful examples.

1. The trim() function

The trim() function ‘trims’ spaces before and after the column string values, there’s some variations of this function called ltrim() that removes spaces on the left side of the string and rtrim() that removes spaces on the right side of it.

trim() function in action

2. The isNotNull() function

This function allows you to know whether a column value is null, you can use it to filter stuff or…

When we are working with AWS Redshift usually we have to run a lot of updates and many of those are usually very repetitive, in addition to that Redshift doesn’t support store procedures to allow you to run and store SQL scripts. However there’s a way to solve this problem using AWS Lambda and combining it with other AWS technologies, we would be able to schedule scripts, trigger them or run one after the other. This tutorial is about a way to execute SQL script on AWS Redshift making use of AWS Lambda functions.

1. Get psycopg2 for linux inside the project

One of first problems you can…

Julian Alexander Murillo

Senior Software Engineer at Huge Inc.

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